Nami Sushi

Authentic Japanese Sushi Truck in Dearborn

Who We Are

Nami is an authentic Japanese sushi truck serving the Dearborn area.

We serve only the freshest fish, along with specially harvested nori, house-made sauces, and our signature warm rice.

We strive to create a diverse menu catering to lovers of both traditional and contemporary sushi. Along with speciality dishes like our famous omusubi & our hand-rolls.

Located at 2823 Monroe St, Dearborn, MI 48124

nami sushi kanji


By definition, Nami means wave. The kanji character of “Nami” consists of the following two components:

氵 : a kanji radical widely used to express water.

皮 : a kanji character widely used to mean ‘skin’.

From these two components, we can understand that the kanji character of “nami” literally means ‘water skin’. Waves can be considered as the top layer – skin – of water.

In addition to this basic usage, it is sometimes used as a metaphor for trends, activities, or even moods.

nami sushi kanji
Nami Sushi Truck Dearborn Tuna Tataki


Our first and foremost focus is on the quality of our ingredients. From the smallest ingredients like garnishes to our largest cuts of fresh fish. We choose to source our ingredients from vendors who place the same level of importance on quality as we do.

In order to maintain this level of integrity and quality, we strive to keep our dishes simple yet creative.

Nami Sushi Dearborn Rolls

Simply Creative


At Nami, we understand the love for both authentic & contemporary sushi. We believe in a menu that can serve both humbly without risking the integrity of either. Ranging from traditional sashimi to our beloved Samba roll, each is rolled with pride and integrity in mind.

In our menu, you will find that we emphasize freshness, quality and taste in all types of sushi.


Nami Sushi Dearborn Rolls